Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brief Update w/r/t A. Salvadores and the FIBA U-17 Women's Championship Game

A few weeks ago I wrote about the FIBA U-17 Women's Championship Game which was a great basketball game I watched. The star of the game, a basketball hurricane who was chewing up and spitting out American defenders like sunflowers was Angela Salvadores, a Spanish guard who scored 40 points and had command over every inch of the court. Today, FIBA posted highlight mix of Salvadores's performance to YouTube, and I would feel remiss if I didn't share it with my readership here.

They set it to some maudlin music to really push the tragedy of the loss on the viewer. I am not about this, personally. I prefer neutral mixes that let you make up your own mind about the highlights you're watching.

FIBA also posted a video of the game in its entirety, which would be worth watching if you enjoy good basketball completely devoid of tension because you already know the outcome. You should definitely watch this block and mean mug, which I mistakenly described as a chasedown in my original write-up. It's a basketball play that will take you to straight to Fistpump City.

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