Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Oh man are you guys as excited for the schedule release as I am? Six O'Clock on August 13th is pretty much my 90th favorite NBA day of the year. It's all the fun of offseason with none of the transactions. LET'S GET INTO IT:

-My man Woj, which is my nickname for Adrian Wojnarowski, the SUPERCONNECTED NBA reporter over at WojWorld.Net, has gotten some of that dirty ol' scoop for his faithful readers and friends. We're talking real reportage bombshells, like, "LeBron James and Cavaliers meet the Chicago Bulls on Oct. 31 at United Center, league sources tell Yahoo Sports" and "The Los Angeles Clippers will meet Oklahoma City on Oct. 30 at Staples Center, and play the Lakers on the 31st, sources tell Yahoo." Thank got he got these hot scoops four hours before the NBA releases the schedule, I honestly couldn't wait, I was about to go into the street in front of my house and do some unreasonable stuff, maybe alienate my neighbors.

-There's been some speculation that one or more of the teams in the NBA will NOT play 82 games this year and we're going to find out today. This is not true. I make a model that predicts the schedule every year, and it has a 99% accuracy rate in predicting the number of games every team is going to play. (Margin of error: 1%). Here is a graph showing the model's predictions this year:

Food for thought. Mathematical Models do a lot better at predicting the future than human beings, you would know that if you read Nate Silver's book like I have.

-Will (YOUR TEAM) play too many back to backs this year? Yes! The athletes on (YOUR CITY'S) team do their work with their bodies and it's completely unreasonable for them to have to play (GOOD TEAM) (GOOD TEAM) (BAD TEAM YOU'RE ACTING LIKE IS GOOD) (GOOD TEAM) all in five nights!

-Will your loved ones annoy you tonight when you're trying to read and break down the schedule? Absolutely! Keep then at bay by excising beforehand and now showering! You can't go to a restaurant or a movie with your wife tonight: you smell terrible! All the space in the world for blogging!

-Remember, if the font is too small on the press release, you can make it bigger by pressing CTRL+ALT and moving your finger on your track-pad or mouse! This is important for Schedule-Heads like my and your self!

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