Tuesday, October 28, 2014


(I am a writer for Portland Roundball Society, which means that my Blazers previewing quota has been fulfilled. SO I asked my 8 year old nephew, Ross, to write the preview for me.)

The Portland Trail Blazers are a basketball team. They are my favorite team, so  hope they win a lot of basketball games. My favorite player on the Blazers is Wes Matthews. Last year they got to the second round of the playoffs behind a buzzer beating three pointer by Damian Lillard. When that happened, I was really excited, me and my mom yelled in the living room because we were so excited. Lamarcus Aldridge is on the team. He is very tall. I hope the Blazers win so many games they they win the "Big NBA Trophy," a very cool and golden trophy they give out to the best NBA team. The b Blazers have other payers, like Nic Batum, Robin Lopez, Meyers Leonard, Joel Freeland, Alan Crabbe, Will Barton, Kris Kaman and Steve Rakes. Their coach is named Terry, which is a girl's name a lot of the time but Terry is a bod and the coach of the Blazers. I would be cool with it if Terry is a girl, because I think girls and boys should have equal opportunities in the United States and all over the world. Paul Allen owns the Blazers. He sits on the baselines usually and kind of dresses dumpily. Sometimes he is with Dan Aykroyd.  I think they are friends because they are both interested in ghosts and finding ghosts, and capturing ghosts and asking them after the afterlife. The Blazers play basketball at the Rose Garden. You can take any train to get to the Rose Garden. There is a fountain out front that children can play and have fun in. In conclusion, I hope the Blazers are good this year.

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